Luke Schuler

This Chicago native and lifelong artist is the "Voice of his Generation" if you ask his Mother. If you ask anyone else, they'll probably ramble on about his continued webcomic, illustrations, animation work, and radical Pokemon card collection. Luke graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Traditional Animation Major and High Honors and spends his time consistently working hard to improve his craft, discover his style, and learn new ways to convey something from fellow artists and friends he admires.


Honors and Experience

  • I am the Social Media Manager and Junior Designer for Creepy Company. My job includes overseeing their social media and marketing, photographing products, and designing products, newsletters and website assets.
  • I worked on various freelance projects including a piece for Judd Apatow’s Netflix Original LOVE’s social media pages, The Laugh Factory, Chive on Chicago, a pitch for a show for Adult Swim, and album art for FractalStein
  • I have have participated in various art shows like C2E2, Token, and ZineFest where I sell my prints, merchandise, and self-published books.
  • I am the social media and marketing lead for Marcom Technologies Inc. My roles include posting daily updates, organizing marketing strategies, and occasionally creating freelance artwork for their websites.
  • I write and illustrate my own weekly web comic Boss Nostalgic 64, which has over 2,800 Tumblr followers.
  • I was the Technical Director for the Traditional Animation senior project for Columbia College Chicago 2013. On top of designing, storyboarding, and animating, I took all the pieces from the rest of the crew and built the finished film. This involved doing all the original sound design, timing, and technical effects. I was also one of the two head writers and earned major roles in aiding the completion of the film.
  • I graduated Columbia College Chicago with a cumulative GPA of 3.88, appearing on the Dean's List every semester since Freshman Year.
  • I graduated High School with consistent high honors and was a member of the National Honor Society, which involved doing charity work through that and other programs. I was voted 'Most Artistic' in my Middle School and my High School. My artistic abilities led me to work on and create various artistic projects throughout High School, plan events, and make the comics for the school newspaper. 

 Experience in Photoshop, Flash, ToonBoom, Sony Vegas, and moderate experience with Maya, After Effects and Illustrator

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