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Luke Schuler


Well met, fellow nerds. My name is Luke and I am an illustrator, animator and comic creator from Chicago, IL.

After graduating Columbia College Chicago in 2013 I have spent my time writing, drawing, and self-publishing my own comic series "Boss Nostalgic 64," working as the Social Media Manager and Junior Designer at Creepy Company, tabling at conventions including C2E2 and Emerald City Comic Con, and creating various freelance artwork and animation. When I'm not spending time collecting Pokemon or making board games from scratch (I can hear the groans), I am consistently working hard to improve my craft and learn new ways to convey something from fellow artists and friends I admire.


You can find my comic at
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Honors and Experience

  • I write, illustrate, and self-publish my comic Boss Nostalgic 64, which I post weekly pages of online.
  • I am the Social Media Manager and Junior Designer for Creepy Company, a Halloween-centric novelty and collectibles brand in Chicago, IL. My job includes overseeing their social media and marketing, photographing products, and designing assets, newsletters and website materials.
  • I have have participated in various art shows like C2E2, Emerald City Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Token, ZineFest, and more.
  • I worked on various freelance artwork and animation for companies like The Laugh Factory, Chive on Chicago, Jenzy, and more.
  • I graduated Columbia College Chicago in 2013 with high honors and a Bachelor degree in Traditional Animation. I was the Technical Director and co-head writer for the senior project where I would write, storyboard, animate and edit the final film.

 Experience in Photoshop, Flash, ToonBoom, Sony Vegas, and product photography. Moderate experience with Maya, After Effects and Illustrator.